A master of his craft
Jazz Radio / Berlin / www. jazzadio.net
When Feroniba Ramin Hassani improvises on the piano ‘anything is possible’. At eight years old the son of the Iranian minister of culture was already performing the great piano concertos. But the child prodigy later decide to expand into composition and improvisation. Beneath his fingers atonality, classic, and jazz merge into an exciting oneness, fusing into his own ‘transcendental hovering style’. Breathtaking.
TIP magazine / Berlin / www. tip-berlin.de
From a lifetime with music, from classical to modern, an authentic style was born: revolutionary piano improvisations which transcend the various style epochs. Amidst harmony, dissonance and melting rhythms a virtuosic three dimensional painting of breathtaking beauty and profundity is born. Possessed of a vitality which transcends the limits, one is lifted up and whisked away by this synergy of sounds. Revolutionary! This grandiose piano playing possesses an unheard of power of attraction. An unforgettable experience!
B flat Jazz Club / Berlin / www. b-flat-berlin.de
At the tender age of eight years old, the pianist was already performing works by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert in concert on the big stages of Iran and Germany. Twenty years later he composes his own works, combining classical and jazz elements with sounds from all over the world.  Breathtaking excursions from the classical into a myriad of musical realms await you.
Radio 1 / Berlin & Potsdam / www.radioeins.de
Particularly in the transcendence of tonality and dissonance he seems ahead of his time. The new Album is called ‘Terra Nova & Iter Mysticum’. It consists of improvisation divided into 63 parts and is accompanied by works from painter Christian Kromath.
Zitty magazine / Berlin / www. zitty.de
’Boundless at the piano!!’
His music is hard to place. If one thinks of Mozart, the next moment the pianist is playing bebop. Piano romance à la Chopin and atonality are not contradictory for Feroniba Ramin Hassani. The 44 year old derives his inspirations from the broad cosmos of musical history. Somewhere between classical and jazz, his boundary breaking improvisations are on a search after new musical shores. The pianist and composer’s broad horizons stem from his biography: Feroniba was born in Hamburg, but grew up in Teheran - as the son of the Iranian minister of culture and opera director.
Berliner Morgenpost / Berlin / www.morgenpost.de
Classical music is the background of pianist Feroniba Ramin Hassani but not his goal. With his improvisations he transcends the frontiers of tonality and dissonance. Feroniba´s piano pieces wander through the style epochs, from symphonic works, through to electronic and ambient pop.
TIP magazine / Berlin / www. tip-berlin.de