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Life & Works

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born on September 8th in Hamburg, Germany

1967 - 77 German School Teheran

Piano lessons with Malek Aslanian, Teheran, Iran


Conservatory Teheran, Iran

1970 - 80 Concerts in Iran and Germany: piano concerts, sonatas and works of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Brahms, Liszt, Debussy, Khatchaturian etc.
1975 Collaboration with Ali Rahbari [conductor] – Beethoven: Piano Concert No 1
1977 - 79 Grammar School Baden-Baden, Germany
1980 Piano Studies at the Conservatory for Music, Freiburg, Germany

Private Studies of the world religions and the complete works of Djwhal Khul, a Tibetan-Buddhist master

1981 - 92

Private Studies of classical composition and improvisation, practise as a freelance pianist

1990 - 02 Continuing studies of composition with Orm Finnendahl [Academy of Music “Hanns Eisler“, Berlin, Germany]
1990 - 94

Classical Piano Cycle “Prayers” op. 1

1992 - 95 Founder and owner of the Artland Gallery, Berlin, Germany
1999 Six-part improvisatorial work “A Secret Inner Story“

Studies of studio engineering at the School of Audio Engineering, Berlin, Germany


Founding of an independent music studio

2002 - 08 Atonal improvisatorial works

Practise as a freelance composer and pianist


Author for literary works:


“The Glass Pen“ [novel]


“Sof Speaks, volumes I-VI“ [philosophical dialogue]


“The Cliff Hotel“,“No-one is Going to Get Shot“ [theatre productions]

2003 Founding of “Terasof - an inter-religious forum for the world and its masters”
2004 Musical director and music producer at BundDesign [agency for advertisement, Berlin, Germany]

Score for “Dream Shadows“ [X Verleih AG, Berlin, Germany] [honoured with the title of being a “valuable film”, given by the German Film Commission and the Gold Award of the WorldFest Houston]

2005 Development of the “Transcendental Hover Style”

Score for “Food“ [AMAD Productions, Berlin, Germany]

Since 2005

Co-founder and artistic director of KUNST HAUS Berlin • Leipzig • London [forum for idealistic art]

2006 CD “Highlights 1990-2006”
Since 2006

Solo live concerts

2007 CD “Terra Nova & Iter Mystium“
2008 CDs “Paradise live“ & “Live at b flat“
2013 Baptized at "The Last Reformation“

Born on September 8th 1962 in Hamburg, the son of the general director of the Persian ministry of culture and manager of the “Roudaki Hall” opera house, Feroniba grew up with three siblings in Teheran. His passion for music awakened at an early age and the cosmopolitan parental home provided him with the ideal surroundings for developing this tendency. Also strongly intrigued by foreign cultures and religions, he began at age five to occupy himself with the great milestones of musical and philosophical world history. His almost exclusive concentration upon these subjects and on playing the piano led, in the following years, to a swift accumulation of skill. His early repertoire included an already extensive collection of sonatas, concertos and chamber music from Bach, Händel, Scarlatti, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Liszt, Brahms, Debussy and Khachaturian, which the eight years old Feroniba demonstrated in public and private concerts across Iran and Germany.
At age fifteen Feroniba rejected the prescribed linearity of the conventional pianist education which his father wished for him. Some time later he accordingly broke off his piano studies at the conservatory for music in Freiburg in order to pursue his deeper lying interest in composition, improvisation and world religions. This led to first performances of his own works and improvisations, many years dedicated to the private study of composition, improvisational development and an ongoing occupation with the great works in literature, art, music, philosophy and world religions. At the same time, the interreligious works of the sixty-four ascended masters, medially dictated by Djwahl Kuhl and set forth by Alice Ann Bailey, began to take a central role in Feroniba’s life. At eighteen years of age he devoted himself foremost to spiritual study and practise through seminars, group work and meditation. His spiritual inspiration eventually led, in 2003, to the birth of “Terasof”, an inter-religious forum for the world and its masters, which has thus far (2006) attracted twelve standing members. Open events take place daily (
1990 marked the beginning of work on Feroniba’s first classical Piano Cycle “Prayers” in each of the twenty-four keys, ten of which were produced as an album and swiftly followed by further compositions. At the same time Feroniba founded the Artland Gallery (Berlin) in tribute to his enthusiasm for the visual arts. In 1999 live studio-recordings of his first major six-part improvisatorial work “A Secret Inner Story” were produced, followed by recordings of non-tonal and atonal works.
Feroniba has also begun to author several literary works: Poems, a novel “The Glass Pen”, two theatre productions “The Cliff Hotel” and “No-one is Going to Get Shot”, two film scripts “The Goldsmith” and “The Immortality Pill”, “A Spiritual Course Book” in collaboration with master Sig, a clairauditory-meditative series in six volumes “Sof Speaks”, and the libretto for the opera “Osiris”.
Always striving for a more scopious and multiply-expressive sound spectrum, Feroniba eventually broadened his possibilities for expression through the incorporation of electronic and orchestral instruments and went on to study audio engineering at the SAE in Berlin (2000). This together with the later founding of his own music studio and the label “AMEN Productions” granted him a measure of much needed independency, which subsequently gave birth to the beginning of work on his first symphonies and concerts. Likewise various musical productions and recordings for film music, ambient and electro albums have come to stand. With time strict confinement to traditionally prescribed styles appeared ever less frequently in Feroniba’s compositions. Eventually, owing to the integration of non-tonal, atonal and non-rhythmic elements and the influences of World Music and Jazz, the style boundaries intermingled and subsequently dissolved into one-another to form an entirely new, unconfined, intuitional acoustic sculpture: the “Transcendental Hover Style” - a breathtaking and revolutionary auditory experience!

Since 1990 Feroniba lives and works as a freelance musician, composer, author and teacher in Berlin. In 2005 Feroniba became co-founder and artistic director of KUNST HAUS Berlin – Leipzig – London. The first CD production resulting from this co-operation is “Highlights 1990-2006”, a cross section of Feroniba’s complete works in 31 extracts. Planned for 2007 is the publication of his entire works as CD-albums and sheet music as well as his entire literary works.

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